Monday, September 17, 2018

WHAT IS ROOT ? part 1


      ROOT ?

                                      Rooting is the process where you can do Everything with your smartphone. It is also a jail breaking process. It means After Rooting your smartphone it can do Everything For you Because You fully unlock Or breaking the Operating System of your Smartphone You can now Install unapproved apps, Increase the Internal storage, Overclocking, under clocking,  Uninstall your all unwanted apps, Customize Anything. Your Smartphone is now Super fast. Improve Your Camera through some Apps. Many Apps are Available in Play store  who needed Rooted Device for perform.


 Advantages of Root :-

1.  You can Upgrade your Os Easily After Rooting.
2. You can also Upgrade your Internal Storage Use of some Rooted Apps.
3. Uninstall Pr-loaded apps of your Smartphone who Didn't uninstall Easily of Non rooted Device.
4. Install Rooted apps who work many unbelievable work for you.
5.Root Can Access Add block for all android apps. Where you found Very Comfortable to use those apps.
6. For Some Rooted apps Can Give you more Display option/ Features For your Smartphone.
7.Some Apps Available in android Who Close Useless Application For Improve Your Battery Performance.
8.  Speed up your phone.
9. You can Easily backup your all android data.
10. Upgrade Your CPU Clock for faster Performance.
11. Full Device Customization.

Disadvantages Of Root :-

1.  It can Bricks Your Device It Means After Root Your Device Hackers Can Hack your data Easily Because You can Now download your apps From Unknown Sources.
2.  After Rooting Your device You can Suddenly Lose your Warranty Period Of his Company. Because Company was thinking After Rooted your device you fully Control your device So They do nor responsible for your device warranty.
3. Rooting process Is Not very Difficult process but a small mistake can damage your phone fully. It means a one wrong step can convert your mobile to a small mini box, you can see everything but do not do anything.
 4. Update Problem. Rooted device can't gather a proper Update Because Google Can't Control this device.
        So Are you Ready to Rooted your Device After ignore Part of Disadvantage factor.

       In next part i am going to Explane you How to Root a device properly/Easily




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